Just a Dream

Just a Dream . . .


I´m lost in this confusion

and all I see is darkness

this madness is taking over me.

What do I do? What do I do?


I look around me

I see nothing, I am alone.

I´m lost… so lost…

I lower my head

And I hear a melancholic cry

It calls from inside me,

I think: what is this? what is this I feel?


I see a light,

Is it coming toward me?

No, it´s nothing,

It was just a meere ilusion…

I know inside me there is no light,

Just darkness…

And I can´t see,

I´m sunk in blindness…


I´ve lost my hope,

so I´ve lost my happiness…


“Help me! Help me!” I cry.

No one listens, I don´t know why.

Maybe there is no one there

No one by my side,

Just my shadow…

My friend, my shadow.


I open my eyes

I can see again

It has been just a dream, thank goodness!

But I´m stuck in this place,

Forever this dream

day after day…

I know in the end… It´s all just a dream…

mhhh Hola a todos y gracias por leer mis escritos!!!! Este pensamiento solo se me ocurrio asi nadamas y pues decidi escribirlo. Espero y les guste, solo me sentia un poco inspirada y hacia rato que no escribia.

Ahi siguen checando los escritos!!! Saludos!!

Ana Nieto