Is It?

My head spins

so many thoughts

so many things.

Is it foolish of me?

To want so much…

to have such dreams?

I don’t want just anything

I want to reach so high

I want something more

I expect so much of myself

I feel I could touch the sky

I want to sail beyond the sea

I want to help and just be me

I want to make believe

that there´s more to life

much more than this we see

I want to touch people´s hearts

their minds, their thoughts, their lives

I want to change the worlds

millions of frowns into smiles

I want the world to listen to me

To be known, to be heard, to be seen

To make a difference

I want to paint this black & white scene

To colors of life and hope

I want to close my eyes and imagine

That maybe I can sing

That maybe this will be

more than just a dream…