Thanks for the Roses…

Thanks for the Roses…


Ah! Here you come again to visit me

Same as yesterday, same as the day before

Same as every day!

And you know?

Even so I feel like I haven’t seen you

Like we haven’t talked in a long time

Like you are so far away…


You always ask me the same thing

Why? Why do you do it?

I told you yesterday and I’ll tell you the same today

The story won’t change!

And you look at me but you don’t seem to listen

I try to explain it to you every day

But you never understand!


You know?

In your face there’s more pain than confusion

You speak to me as if I had done something to you

But I don’t remember hurting you… not like this…

Every day my memory fades

Every day it’s harder for me to remember what we did together

What I did alone


Ah!! And there come the “whys” again

I told you already! I will keep telling you the same!

What do you want me to answer you,

If I already told you?

Why do you ignore me?

Don’t you see?

Why do you look down and not at me?

Now you’re acting strange

Now you kneel…

Before me…!!

But that is not all

Now you are crying

And your hands cover your face

What are you doing?

You are confusing me…


You reproach me so many things

Yet you…

You ask for forgiveness…

Why are you doing this? I don’t understand!

And every day you do the same thing

You scream, you say:


Even though I’ve told you so many times


But now…

Now that you start talking about us

And then about me

About how much I changed

About how I used to be

And how you used to love me

I begin to remember


Now loneliness starts flooding me

Memories come slowly back to me

And now everything is darkness

I hear their voices again

The ones that surround me

They whisper in my ears

The ones who were also forgotten

The ones that hide in the night

Running away from the light

They are blaming me of something…

They repeat what I did in my life

And my heart can’t stand it anymore

Because the pain slowly consumes me

Those memories hurt

Every second more…

Now I feel empty

That hole inside of me

Gets bigger… and bigger…

Now I want to cry beside you

I try to hug you…

But I can’t reach you

Those images dwelling in my mind won’t go away

A terrible sensation takes over me


Then you raise your head

And I lower mine

I threw my life away, wasted it

I feel I want to hide…

Because now I remember everything…

I comitted suicide…

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