It feels like a dream

(Writen on July 20, 2008)

It feels like a dream

It feels like a dream that I met him

Like I loved him and I still do

Like years gone so fast

Like I can’t believe that

I met such a wonderful guy

It feels like a dream

Like a dream that came true

Not the way I wanted

It’s so strange yet so good

It happened even better

Than I ever thought it would

It feels like a dream

That we never really fought

Of course some disagreements

Yet never something terrible

It feels just like a dream

That what I remember

Is always something good

Something nice or sweet or fool

It feels like a dream

When I imagine your picture

You and me smiling

It’s like a dream when I’m thinking

How long will I be dreaming?

How long will we be waiting?

To know if we are belonging

To know if you are the one for me…

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