Frozen Tears

Frozen Tears

The skies looked at her with a daring stare, but she couldn’t understand why she could not do it. Try after try… and it all resulted in failure, pain and shame. It was supposed to be something fun, not torturous. She would have cried then, but she was too proud to do it in front of the others. Her whole body hurt. Her entire soul bled. The others could, how couldn’t she? Why did it have to be that way? Why did she have to be so lonely? Just because she couldn’t do what the others could? She couldn’t go where they would go. That was the end of the story. Trying to learn did not help, but made it worse. Her pride was even wounded in the process. In some of the intents she thought she had been close to loosing her life. Now a bench and a table kept her company. She sat sipping her cup of hot chocolate, the only consolation she could get.

She gazed at the immense white mountains, so pure and beautiful. The atmosphere inspired peacefulness. A fresh scent filled the air. Yet her heart was in fire. And the beauty of the place did nothing to help her. Nothing but stare. She could not understand how she was surrounded by such beauty and was not able to enjoy it. Her eyes rejoiced but her soul screamed untamed. A pain wanting to crawl its way out, caged inside her body. So many wonders put together… The gorgeous sun shining on her face, smiling. And all he got back from her was a frown.

She had come from a far away land, where the snow never touches the ground. Where the cold is just a breeze and just a rumor. She had never seen so much snow before, and there it was: everywhere… Like a fairy tale, like shiny magic powder. The magic spread along the streets, houses, fields and mountains. She had also never felt so cold, yet burning at the same time. This greatness was in front of her eyes and she couldn’t help but wonder how she could feel so miserably unhappy. And so lonely… Even with the company of these amazing and impeccable mountains. Her eyes started to drown in her tears, and as slow as a feather falls in the air, fell one tear. The following drops laid on the table, untouched. She did not look down, but up to the sun, asking him “Why do I feel this way? Help me! Make me smile. Make me feel loved. Or at least, accompanied.” Yet the sun silenced. Ignored her this time. Another voice, the one of the wind, said: “Look down.” As she turned her head down she discovered a thin film on the table. Her tears had frozen. She broke them with her fingers and thought she would have never imagined anyone breaking a tear.Hadn’t even held it as possible. She held the tiny pieces of tears on her hand. Gently closed her fist. She let those frozen tears put the fire out in her heart. She shut her eyes and said to herself: “Tomorrow… Tomorrow will be another day.” And she allowed her lungs to slowly breathe the fine air of peacefulness.

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