Rainy Days

Rainy Days

                  By Ana Nieto



It’s such a cloudy day today.

I wonder why

Do people cry.

It’s just a sad day today.


I look out the window

It’s raining outside….

I look from the bar

God’s tears from the sky

Cuzz’ the world’s in war.


Sometimes I think

That man himself shrinks

That with so many wars

And with all that blood shed

A sky filled with red

We’d see ’nstead of stars.


And I am not lying

When I say God is crying

He sees man betraying

Yet none of them praying.


 It’s sad everywhere

There’s hate everywhere,

It’s all full of greed

Yet so full of need.

But this is my world

And everyone’s world,

A world full of tears.


It rains in my eyes,

It tears in the skies,

So melancholic this world full of lies,

And I don’t understand

Why there’s so much pain,

But I know that God’s crying…

Because our love is dying.

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