So smile

So smile

                  By Ana Nieto



Yes, I’ve felt my eyes like drowning

And I’ve felt I can’t no more,

Yes, I’ve felt mi face like frowning

Yet I tell myself again

What I’ve been fighting for…

And so I smile….


Something inside me floods me with sadness,

Such a madness that wants to blow above;

And over and over I say: no one understands,

But this something

Can only be cured with love….

And so I smile….



So I keep living

And I say to myself: Yes you can!!

Happiness is all I’ve been giving

When inside I’ve felt I can’t…

And even so… I smile….


“Never give up” said someone too

But when you feel like falling

Nothing will do,

The only thing that keeps you standing

Is when someone says: “I love you”…

And so I smile….


So I looked up to the sky

And stopped asking God why,

I knew this sorrow would last a while

Yet God made me smile.

And there I stood

And God made me realize,

Yes, I understood

Why God gave me no better gift

That the most beautiful gift…. of Life….

                So smile!!



Dedicated especially for Ann and Charles Boles.

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